Taylor Swift - Lover (2019)

Reason for Listening:
#3 on Billboard Top 200 (Week of 20190928).
Last Week: 2 | Peak: 1 | Weeks on Chart: 4.

I've liked many of Taylor Swift's songs in the past. These included "Delicate," "Blank Space," "Shake It Off," "Bad Blood," and "Love Story."

Released 20190823.
18 songs. 61:48. Lover (Standard) (2019)
18+2 songs. 61:48+9:09. Lover (Target Exclusive Deluxe)/(Japanese) (2019)

--20190930 12 AM--
First listen. Standard.
I like certain parts of "I Forgot That You Existed."
Note for next time: continue with track 4.
--20190930 10 AM--
I like the beat and melody of "The Man" but I'm not a fan of the lyrics. I have nothing against the idea behind the message, but I think the song describes stereotypes which offend me. It could also be due to a recent change in my mentality in desiring positive messages (e.g., "Women are strong") over negative messages (e.g., "Men are suppressing women"). A quick final note on this topic. If it were possible for a man to not have a job and easily find a girlfriend/wife, then I'm willing to bet that men would hand over their higher paying salaries to women. Actually, another note. I hypothesize that one can separate men into two sets, say alpha and beta, where the following conditions are met: the alpha are a superset of the men who mistreat women, the beta are analogous to women in the sense of treatment and pay ratio.
"Afterglow" takes on a tone that's reminiscent of pop-rock or synth-pop (or something distinct from the pure pop which make up many of Swift's popular songs). For whatever reason, it reminds me of "Royals" by Lorde.

Songs which caught my attention: "Lover"; "I Think He Knows"; "Afterglow"; "ME!" (ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco);

Overall, I was uninterested in most of the songs.

My favorite song was between "Afterglow" and "ME!" It was a little hard to choose between them, because they convey different emotions. I ended up choosing "Afterglow" - perhaps I thought it was less cliche.

Overall Rating: 2/5
Favorite Song: "Afterglow"

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