Young Thug - So Much Fun (2019)

Reason for Listening:
#4 on Billboard Top 200 (Week of 20190928).
Last Week: 4 | Peak: 1 | Weeks on Chart: 5.

This artist does not intersect with the music I normally listen to and so I don't know who he is. I probably haven't heard any of his music before.

Released 20190816.
19 songs. 62:04. So Much Fun (2019)

First listen.
After the first track I listened to "pick up the phone" (with Travis Scott) and "Best Friend"

Songs which caught my attention: "Big Tipper" (ft. Lil Keed);

I'm not a fan of certain lyrics. Outside of said lyrics, the artist has some clever lines. With that being said, none of the songs were of interest of me. Overall, I failed to enjoy the album.

Overall Rating: 1/5
Favorite Song: None

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