Walk the Moon - What If Nothing (2017)

Reason for Listening:
A friend recently reminded me that I was a fan of Walk of the Moon.


Released 20171110.
13 songs. 55:46. What If Nothing (Streaming) (2017)
13+1 songs. 55:46+02:00. What If Nothing (Physical) (2017)

First listen. Streaming.
Second listen. Streaming.
Third (or so) listen. Streaming.
Moved "One Foot" from a "2" to a "3."
I listened to "All Night" again with the lyrics pulled up. There are two parts to the song. One is staying up at night looking for love and the other is the monotony of working. Perhaps more succinctly, it's a song about work-life balance.

3: "One Foot";
2: "Press Restart"; "All Night"; "Lost In The Wind";
1: "All I Want"; "Kamikaze"; "Can't Sleep (Wolves)";
0: "Surrender"; "Tiger Teeth"; "Sound of Awakening"; "Feels Good to Be High"; "In My Mind";
-1: "Headphones";

Unlike with Talking is Hard, I found this album lacked the pop rock sounds which I enjoyed coming from the group. Perhaps related is that I found the lyrics to be less catchy. With ratings skewed towards zero, my intuition was to rate the album a 4.0. However, I then saw that I had only given Talking is Hard a 4.6 (with respect to my 2019 review). As such, given that I did still like the flow of the album from start to finish, I decided to rate it a 3.8.

While "One Foot" is my favorite song on the album, it doesn't really compare to either "Shut Up and Dance" or my personal favorite "Work This Body." If it were a song on Talking is Hard, it would probably have gotten a (high) "1," but with a chance of getting a (low) "2."

Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Favorite Song: "One Foot"

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20171201 | Peak Position: 40 | Weeks on Chart: 1

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