Sublime - Sublime (1996)

Reason for Listening:
#200 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20200711). Album listed as "Re-Enter."
Last Week: - | Peak: 13 | Weeks on Chart: 165

I may or may not have previously done a dedicated listening for this album a long long time ago. In any case, I was looking at various albums which re-entered the Billboard 200 and saw this album.

Standard album cover.

Released 19960730.
17 songs. 58:31. Sublime (1996)
17+1* & 15 songs. 58:31+01:41 & 52:52. Sublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition) (2006)

*Disc one starts with a new song followed by songs on the original album but in a different order.

First listen. Standard.
That's such a feel-good solo ("Santeria" @ 1:45)

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
4: "What I Got"; "Wrong Way";
3: "Caress Me Down"; "Doin' Time" (Original Version);
2: "Santeria"; "Pawn Shop"; "What I Got" (Reprise)
1: "Garden Grove"; "Same in the End"; "April 29, 1992 (Miami)"; "Burritos"; "Under My Voodoo";
0: "Seed"; "Jailhouse"; "Paddle Out"; "The Ballad of Johnny Butt"; "Get Ready";

Listening to this album today, I felt as if either I had never heard the entire album before or that I simply didn't enjoy the album as a whole as much as I had before. In any case, it was convenient to have had familiarity with most of the songs on the album, because this made listening to the album easier than listening to a new album. I should also note that I very much enjoy a subset of the tracks.

Overall Rating: 3.0/5
Favorite Song: "What I Got"

10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition album cover.


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