Jack Johnson - All the Light Above It Too (2017)

Reason for Listening:
Catching up with old favorites: Jack Johnson is my #1 all-time scrobbled artist.

Released 20170908.
10 songs. 38:13. All the Light Above It Too (2017)
10+1 songs. 38:13+03:21. All the Light Above It Too (Japan) (2017)
10+1 songs. 38:13+02:23. All the Light Above It Too (2018 Tour Deluxe Edition) (2017)

First listen. Just passive, no ratings.
Second listen.
I dig this simple solo at 2:45 ("My Mind is For Sale")
Lively song. ("Big Sur")
It's not often that a song title which is a question includes the question mark

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
3: "Love Song #16";
2: "Sunsets for Somebody Else"; "My Mind is For Sale"; "Gather";
1: "Subplots"; "Daybreaks"; "Big Sur"; "Is One Moon Enough?"; "Fragments" (From the Film "The Smog of the Sea");
0: "You Can't Control It";

If I recall his albums correctly, my favorite Jack Johnson album is In Between Dreams. Compared to that album, this album would just be average. However, I like the general familiar, relaxing tone of Jack Johnson's music. In particular, it continues to be a source of inspiration to my own music. In any case, I would say I enjoy the album as a cohesive whole in part due to a prior familiarity with his music. Furthermore, while Jack Johnson has released a variety of sounds across his albums, this particular album is similar to his core sound. I would remark that this album could easily become an album that receives a rating lower than the number of times I might end up listening to it (e.g., the equivalent of that comedy movie which you rated 6 out of 10 but watch once a month).

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
Favorite Song: "Love Song #16"

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20170929 | Peak Position: 5 | Weeks on Chart: 2

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