mxmtoon - plum blossom (2018)

Reason for Listening:
Cycling back on some artists I've listened to in 2021. I absolutely loved mxmtoon's the masquerade.

Released 20181207.
7 songs. 22:20. plum blossom (2018)
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First listen.
Second listen.
Third listen.
Fourth listen.
Moved "porcelain" from a "1" to a "2"
Fifth listen.
Moved "feelings are fatal" from a "1" to a "2"
Moved "the idea of you" from a "2" to a "1"

2: "cliche"; "i feel like chet"; "feelings are fatal"; "porcelain";
1: "the idea of you";
0: "temporary nothing"; "i miss you";

While this album grew on me, it didn't have the final impression on me as the masquerade. For whatever reason, "feelings are fatal" is her third most popular track on Spotify, but I was drawn to "i feel like chet" which has the third least plays on the album. I then wondered about how one would have to normalize play counts for position after popular tracks, but that's somewhat off-topic. In any case, I like the album, but not as much as the masquerade.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5
Favorite Song: "i feel like chet"

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