AJR - Neotheater (2019)

Reason for Listening: Listening to artists/bands I like*
*Tired of listening to albums from the Billboard 200, I'm switching it up and trying to just go through albums from artists/bands I've enjoyed over the years.

Released 20190426.
12 songs. 44:28. Neotheater (2019)
First listen.
This is one of my favorite songs: "Birthday Party"; probably my first exposure to AJR.
reminds me of "Way Less Sad" in that it's such an uplifting song ("100 Bad Days"); optimistic message: "a hundred bad days made a hundred good stories, a hundred good stories make me interesting at parties"
Interesting... I've been listening to "Birthday Party" a bunch throughout the past few years (first scrobbles on December 1, 2020), but their most played song on this album (Spotify plays) is "100 Bad Days": 233M plays versus 40M plays. In fact, it's the fourth most played song on this album and doesn't make their top ten most popular. Before today, I had 40 scrobbles for "Birthday Party" and 6 scrobbles for "100 Bad Days" (in between them I had 25 scrobbles for "Way Less Sad" and 15 scrobbles for "Bang!").
Again a positive point of view: "So if I break my face, and I don't look so great | My face is just my face" ("Break My Face")
So that's a great hook. This is a great line: "Life gives you lemons | At least it gave you something" ("Break My Face")
Great hook: "Would Beats by Dre pay 20K | For us to say that they are great? | Recording costs for this whole song | Could all be paid by Beats by Dre"

4: "Birthday Party";
3: "100 Bad Days"; 2: "Don't Throw Out My Legos"; "Break My Face"; "Beats"; "Dear Winter";
1: "Turning Out Pt. II"; "The Entertainment's Here"; "Finale (Can't Wait To See What You Do Next)";
0: "Next Up Forever"; "Karma"; "Wow, I'm Not Crazy";

Overall, this album is one I could see myself listening to as a whole repeatedly. It might be a new go-to album. It's also a very uplifting album. I'm going to give it a starting 5.2 out of 5.

I'm going to stick with "Birthday Party" as my current favorite, but "100 Bad Days" is a good contender.

Overall Rating: 5.2/5
Favorite Song: "Birthday Party"

Billboard 200
Debut Date: 20210410 | Peak Date: 20210410 | Peak Position: 10 | Weeks on Chart: 21

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