Morgan Wallen - One Thing At A Time (2023)

Reason for Listening: Back in January I started this album. I decided to finish it up.
#5 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20240106).
Last Week: 5 | Peak: 1 | Weeks on Chart: 43

Released 20230303.
36 songs. 111:36. One Thing At A Time (2023)
First listen.
This song has a hip-hop sound to it, or perhaps R & B ("Last Night"); while I like the melody of the song, I didn't follow the lyrics, and the song as a whole wasn't so catchy and seemed repetitive
Hmm. I feel like somehow this could ahve been a catchy song like Tim McGraw's "Something Like That" but for some reason I found the hook unappealing
Huh. I'm surprised by the super 'pop' beat of this track ("One Thing At A Time"); I don't however, think the voice and/or lyrics matches the beat; off the top of my head, the beat reminds me of Cheryl Crow's "Soak Up the Sun" whose lyrics are very playful [on 20240615, I listened to the song again and don't detect this]
Listening to the track again ("One Thing At A Time"), I feel like the problem is the beat has such a short quick feel to it that I think would be better balanced by longer notes and instead the lyrics opt for a more staccato sound which in this case doesn't work. In contrast, "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow has a strong beat, while the lyrics have a nice elongated feel. Take the first part of the chorus for example: "I----I I'm gonna soak up the sun----n. I gonna tell everyon----ne to----o ligh----hten up." [on 20240615, I listened to the song again and don't detect this]
Resume this album (relisten to "One Thing At A Time" and then pick up with the ninth track, "I Wrote The Book")
This song has a good beat; I seem not to have picked up on the problem I picked out above; listening to the song again, I feel he does hold the word "time" for a a few beats and nothing stands out as off ("One Thing At A Time")
This song has lyrics which have a hip-hop feel to them ("Sunrise"); it's possible most of Wallen's songs have this feel and I just haven't noticed
He mentioned Whitley in "Whiskey Friends". Apparently Keith Whitley "died of alcohol intoxication in 1989." ("Keith Whitley")
As an aside, this song did not have a hip-hop feel. It was pure country ("Keith Whitley")
I know "whiskey" is popular in country, but how many songs on this album mention whiskey? ("You Proof")
Clever wordplay on the word "proof" though. ("You Proof")
Continue with track seventeen ("Thought You Should Know").
Hmm... another whiskey song. But also the wordplay, because "whiskey" also ends in the letter "y" ("Days That End in Why")

2: "Man Made A Bar" (ft. Eric Church); "One Thing At A Time"; "Sunrise"; "You Proof"; "Outlook";
1: "Born With A Beer In My Hand"; "Last Night"; "I Wrote The Book"; "Tennessee Numbers";
0: "Everything I Love"; "Devil Don't Know"; "'98 Braves"; "Ain't That Some"; "Hope That's True"; "Whiskey Friends"; "Keith Whitley"; "In The Bible" (ft. HARDY); "Thought You Should Know"; "F150-50"; "Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)"; "I Deserve A Drink"; "Wine Into Water"; "Me + All Your Reasons"; "Tennessee Fan"; "Money On Me"; "Single Than She Was"; "Days That End in Why"; "Last Drive Down Main"; "Me to Me"; "Don't Think Jesus"; "180 (Lifestyle)"; "Had It"; "Cowgirls" ft. ERNEST; "Good Girl Gone Missin'"; "Dying Man";
-1: "Thinkin' Bout Me";

Overall, this album was way too long and I lost focus/patience about halfway through.

Overall Rating: 3.0/5
Favorite Song: "One Thing At A Time"

20240615 Comment:
The album is currently still on the charts. It's sitting at the following:
#4 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20240615).
Last Week: 4 | Peak: 1 | Weeks on Chart: 66

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