Matt and Kim - Power Plant Live!

Matt and Kim performing at Power Plant Live! For free!

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*Created the setlist and added the songs below on 20191106.

"The place is still quite empty." 7:19PM
"First row is filling." 7:34PM

Opening Band
"MC or someone came out to speak." 8:25PM
"Opening act ended with a cover of Dancing with Myself. The lead singer came and touched our hands. Then we sang! (or at least the mic was placed in front of Lauren for her to sing 'I'll be dancing with myself')" 9:28PM
"MC comes out." 9:58PM

Matt and Kim
"This is all me..." 10:06PM - Block After Block
"Overexposed" 10:11PM - Overexposed
"No time for cameras..." 10:16PM - Cameras
"Ooh, baby baby, baby baby." 10:17PM - Push It (Salt-N-Pepa cover)

"This song is dedicated to those who've seen us before. Old friends. First song they ever wrote. Silver Tiles." 10:19PM - Silver Tiles
"Let's Go. Lol crowdsurfers make their way to the bar for a free drink on Matt and Kim." 10:23PM - Let's Go
"Things aren't perfect..." 10:32PM - Now
"Yeah yeah yeah yeah..." 10:39PM - Yea Yeah
"Do you think you're better off alone?" 10:41PM - Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay cover)
"Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare with Jump On It" 10:47PM - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare with Apache (Jump On It)
"Da da da-da-da da..." 10:46PM* - Lessons Learned
[I recorded video and prior to playing Daylight they do "Just a Friend" (Biz Markie cover)]
"Daylight, last song before they leave the stage" 10:58PM - Daylight

"As predicted, they play It's Alright for their encore." 11:05PM - It's Alright

*20191106: This time is earlier than the line before it. However, I don't think I have a way to determine the original notes.

20191106 Comment:
Their setlist on 20130808 is very similar to the one I noted above.

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