Amos Lee - Sunday Funday

The sixth and final act of Sunday Funday: Amos Lee.

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Amos Lee at Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Baltimore, MD, USA (*
Amos Lee (
*Created the setlist and added the songs below on 20191104.

Start of Amos Lee's performance.

Three or so songs, how could you be so careless. [["Careless"]]
People tell me to keep on dreaming. [["Dreamin'"; lyrics are actually "People tell me, I need to keep on dreamin'."]]
"Thank you very much, Baltimore."
You better tell me the truth sir. [["Truth"; lyrics are actually "You better tell me the truth son, yeah."]]
He performs "Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight" but extra slow and chill. [["Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight"]]
Previous songs were played with an acoustic guitar.
"I believe in the power of love." Electric. Thank you very much. [["Flower"]
Short sayings mostly.
Some song on electric.
Electric again.
Something grace something face. [["Street Corner Preacher"]]

He's the one in the spotlight. I can see him with my own eyes, but my phone camera can't.

He does some talking at this next song, the lights come up on the audience.
I wanna love... Peeps dancing up front. [["Won't Let Me Go" / "Shower of Love" ; YouTube]]
Imma get it right all through the night... Front to the back. [["Won't Let Me Go" / "Shower of Love"]]
(real slow jam) guest vocalist. [[Mutlu Onaral; Mutlu: "Hey baby. You know it's getting kinda hot outside. We're gonna cool down baby. With a cold shower. Let me ask you something. Have you ever taken a shower... with an angel?"]]
Hey girl I hear they have good crab cake in Maryland... ... [[Mutlu: "Hey girl. You know. I heard they got some delicious crab cake down here in Maryland."]]
[[Mutlu: "Well [...]. Maybe if you're not busy. After the show. I can come over to your place and try some of your late night crab cakes of love."]]
Let me get a taste of delicious crab cake... Something, let you have a taste of my tartar sauce. Shower of love. I wanna love. I want a Natty Boh. [["Won't Let Me Go" / "Shower of Love"; Mutlu: "Let me get a taste of delicious crab cake. [...] Show you whose boss. Take a little taste of my tartar sauce. And when we're done with all that. Get you hot. Get you sweaty. Get you hot. Get you sweaty. Hot. Make you ready. Get 'em ready. Oh yeah. [...] I wanna use it on you. [...] Shower of love. Shower shower shower of love. Shower shower..."; Amos Lee: "I wanna love" [...] "I wanna Natty Boh" (timing: "I" ~ "I wanna", "wanna" ~ "Natty", "love" ~ "Boh")]]

The blue light which is rotating around the audience.
It rotated up and across the water two or three times.

Jesus sweet help me now. [["Jesus"; lyrics are actually "Oh Jesus can you help me now?"]]
Introduces band. Steel guitar. Guitar. Keyboard. Drums.
Whoa... Black river, gonna take my cares away... He said hes gonna finish up with something. [["Black River"]]
Rockandroll. Oh my new found friend... 1005. Lights off.
Cheater, I don't want to see you no more. Show up on my front door. Next time you see that @$$hole, do one thing for me... [["Charles St."; lyrics are actually "Lolita, you're a cheater. I don't wanna see you no more. You showed up again cryin' outside of my front door. [...] It's time to go downtown to fuck that asshole."]]
People scream for one more. Hey darling broken hearted. [["Learned a Lot"; lyrics are actually "Hey darling, I'm broken-hearted."]]
Chasing that old time feeling and I burned a... [["Learned a Lot"]]
Let it all hang out, let that rock and roll hang out. Upbeat song. [["Fat Bottomed Girls" (Queen cover); lyrics are actually "...let it all hang out? Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go 'round."]]
Take me out tonight. Lights rotating... [[Lyrics are actually "...take me home tonight?"]]

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