Eric Hutchinson - Sunday Funday

The fourth act of Sunday Funday started at 5:33 PM.

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Eric Hutshinson at Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Baltimore, MD, USA (*
Eric Hutchinson (
*Created the setlist and added the songs below on 20191104.

Just admiring the scenery.

How you doing Baltimore?
"Talk is cheap..." [["Talk Is Cheap"]]
Thank you guys so much.
Thank you...
Brand new album. [[Moving Up Living Down (2012)]]
This song is called Lisa... [["Lisa"]]
It seems he gets into it and moves around more than the previous artists.
Even for a new song, he gets audience participation:
I said no no no no no no
I said
I said
switches from electric to acoustic-electric while drums
"... if you know. I encourage you to sing along."
"It all over now." [["All over Now"]]
"How you guys doing back there on the lawn?"
"All you guys got to do is sing 'oh oh oh ooo.'" [["Oh!"]]
"This guys ready, he's got a beer in his hand."
competition here lawn. here in the seats. the audience in the back lawn sings
alright one more shot... audience in the back sings louder. I like it
chair seats. audience in the seats sings. I love it
one more chorus then together entire audience joins after the chorus
moves to keyboard for the next song
having a great time... I'm from Maryland originally
Back to guitar.//This guy's from Ohio. Maryland. I'm an Orioles fan.
New song. Guys need to welcome it to the club. Song title crowd cheers
First (?) then cheer. "Into first base." crowd cheers
"How are your hands doing guys?" crowd cheers but on the beat...
"But we need you to commit to the whole song. Can you do it?"
clap starts "You got to commit."
"Watching you watch him." [["Watching You Watch Him"]]
It's about being in love w/someone who is in love w/someone else.
((lol I feel the clap died. not sure.))
((at 6:11 under this structure beats being on the lawn. some people brought umbrellas))
"It's alright with me..." [["OK, It's Alright with Me"]]
He's on keyboard.
"You guys read to dance? Who's ready to stand up?"
funky beat plays
electric guitar. "You don't have to believe me..." bass solo. keyboard solo. [["You Don't Have to Believe Me"]]
"Hey." Audience says, "Ho." He says, "Hey." Audience says, "Ho."
"You can get with this and you can get with that. You can get with this and you can get with that." done song.
keyboard. You don't have to sit down.
-. It's about ...
Whistling intro. "We all learn to survive. Don't look how..." [["Best Days"; lyrics are actually "...but don't look now."]]
"These are the best days of our lives." [["Best Days"]]
Acoustic electric. You guys are (?)
I hope you're having a good time.
If you're just joining us. My name is Eric Hutchinson.
... CD ... I'll be out there... single...
((something about sept)) "Break down more" [[Breakdown More]]
((he finally put it on the album))
he thumps his guitar in this song
((down pour))
he sings my girl on electric [["My Girl" (Temptations cover)]]
He mixes in ignition remix. Back to my girl. [["Ignition - Remix" (R. Kelly cover)]]
Transitions right into rock and roll. [["Rock & Roll"]]
He says thanks. And goes around to peeps on instruments and [says] where they're from.
Does a live solo-ish chorus of the song [["Rock & Roll"]
lead [vocal] parts are improvised

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