Mason Jennings - Sunday Funday

The third act of Sunday Funday started around 4:14 PM.

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Mason Jennings (
Mason Jennings at Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Baltimore, MD, USA (*
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After the third act, I needed to use the restroom and I needed food. I decided to go to a nearby sushi place. I got a Philadelphia roll and a Bagel roll. It was alright. I've definitely had better sushi elsewhere.

Acoustic electric
"One of these days I will come" [["Dakota"]]
"Things are so much better..." "friends I love" [["Living in the Moment"; lyrics are actually "things were so much better."]]
This artist has a Jack Johnson sound.
Music makes me sway
You loved someone
This guy also does harmonica -> "You got the love that I need... You were born by the sea. Memphis Tennessee."
"Butterfly" [["Memphis, Tennessee"]]
"Slide right down..." [["Simple Life"]]
"Speed of light not of sound..." [["Bullet"; lyrics are actually "speed of light, not sound"]]
"...all of these horses and all of these men" [["Bullet"; lyrics are actually "all the kings horses and all the kings yen"]]
"This song is a joke" [["Bullet"]]
"Sleeping together in the lions den... yeah yeah..." [["Fighter Girl"]]
"Every step I take... every move I make..."
"California... North of San Francisco" [["California (Pt. II)"]]
Mason Jennings
New song: "Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor"
He points out it's a beautiful day... a couple more for you...
harmonica -> "I took a train... I want to be together. apart. heart." [["Crown"; lyrics are actually "I took the train" and "I don't wanna be together. I don't wanna be apart. I don't want non of this love for you honey. Deep, deep down in my heart."]]

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