Beirut - Rams Head Live!

Beirut at Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD.

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I went with two friends and we stood on the second level along the railing. It was far back enough, so that, while we were off center, it still felt like were were watching from straight on. We figured the view from where we were was pretty good, since if we were on the floor, we wouldn't have been in the front next to the stage anyhow. Though we kept in mind that if we came here again, we'd try a different position along the railing that might be better than where we were.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper opened for Beirut.

Prior to the performance, I had not listened to very much of Beirut's music. In particular, I had barely listened to their album March of the Zapotec/Holland EP (2009). During the concert, I vaguely recognized "The Akara," "The Concubine," and "The Shrew." A couple days later (20110517), listening to those three songs at home, I could say that I definitely heard those songs at the concert.

While I didn't hear most of the songs prior to the concert, I nevertheless enjoyed their sound. The band uses a variety of instruments. They include the accordion, the trumpet, the ukulele, the French horn, the tuba, and the trombone.

On a slightly different note, I had occasionally watched the drumming patterns. One setup which had a nice sound was attaching a tambourine above the hi-hat. I can't remember the exact pattern, but it involved alternatively hitting the tambourine and hi-hat.

Finally, I could be wrong, but I thought the electric bass/upright bass was too high in volume. In fact, for some songs, I could feel the vibration of the bass notes resonating through my body.

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Memorable Moments:
Hearing Lady Lamb the Beekeper (Aly Spaltro).
Zach Condon mumbled something about his mumbling.
There were two girls who each held a lighter in hand over their head for one of the songs. They were down on the first floor with the crowd. They stood out from the crowd because they did a lot of dancing relative to the people around them. I think Condon might have made a comment about them during the concert.

The Concubine
Elephant Gun
The Shrew
Postcards From Italy
Port of Call
Scenic World
Santa Fe
Sunday Smile
The Akara
East Harlem

Mount Wroclai

During the concert, I had a LandShark Lager, a sweet tea vodka and lemonade, and an Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

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