Jhené Aiko - Sailing Soul(s) (2021)

Reason for Listening:
I've seen Chilombo on the Billboard 200 and once tried to start listening to it, but never made it past the first two tracks. In any case, I saw this album as a new release on Spotify and decided to give it a listen. Apparently it's a re-release.
The re-release of Sailing Soul(s) has some differences from the original. First, it's missing "july" (ft. Drake) and "growing apart too" (ft. Kendrick Lamar and HOPE). Second, the track "Sailing Not Selling" no longer features a verse by Kanye West.

Released 20110316.
13 songs. 41:37. Sailing Soul(s) (2011)
15 songs. 50:01. Sailing Soul(s) (Streaming) (20210312)
First listen. Streaming.
"stranger" has a good melody but I'm not fond of the background beat
For some reason I thought Jhené Aiko was a hip-hop artist but tracks two to four were dominantly R&B. [Wikipedia currently has this mixtape labeled with genres "alternative R&B" and "neo soul"]

2: "popular"; "real now" (ft. Dominik, HOPE & K. Roosevelt); "living room flow"; "2 seconds"; "snapped"; "B's & H's";
1: "my mine"; "sailing NOT selling"; "do better blues" (ft. HOPE); "higher";
0: "stranger"; "hoe" (ft. Miguel); "you vs them"; "space jam"; "mirrors";
not rated: "the beginning";

The album has some good vibes, but nothing stood out to me in a way that prompted me to feel like I should closely follow the artist. I could imagine how fans of R&B might have interest in the album. On a slightly related note, I don't really remember Sza's album Ctrl, but my gut tells me that I like that album more than this album. For reference, Aiko's album Chilombo currently sits at 60 with a total of 53 weeks on the Billboard 200 while Ctrl sits at 49 with a total of 196 weeks.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Favorite Song: "popular"
Honorable Mention: "B's & H's"

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