Childish Gambino - Because the Internet (2013)

Reason for Listening:
A person I follow on Spotify recently listened to Childish Gambino. Given I've enjoyed many of his songs in the past, I figured now was a good time to dive into one of his albums.

Released 20131210.
19 songs. 57:52. Because the Internet (2013)
First listen.
"II. Worldstar" has a lot of diversity
I didn't realize until today that he's saying "3005" (three thousand and five) not "2005" (two thousand and five); on a different note, I recall learning in grade school that the number "3005" is to be read "three thousand five" but apparently what's done in practice varies

3: "V. 3005"*;
2: "I. Crawl"; "I. The Worst Guys" (ft. Chance the Rapper); "III. Telegraph Ave. ('Oakland' by Lloyd)"; "IV. Sweatpants"; "I. The Party"; "I. Pink Toes" (ft. Jhené Aiko); "II. Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night)" (ft. Azealia Banks);
1: "II. Worldstar"; "II. Shadows"; "Playing Around Before the Party Starts"; "I. Flight of the Navigator";
0: "Dial Up"; "II. No Exit"; "Death By Numbers"; "II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)"; "III. Urn"; "III. Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer)";
not rated: "The Library (Intro)";

I would describe this album as very accessible hip-hop. It feels produced in a way that there are strong vibes from other genres, such as rock, pop, dance, and R&B.

Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Favorite Song: "V. 3005"

*The album version is titled "V. 3005" but the single is just "3005".

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20131227 | Peak Position: 7 | Weeks on Chart: 140

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