Ari Lennox - age/sex/location (2022)

Reason for Listening:
Went to the new releases section on Spotify and spotted this album.

Released 20220909.
12 songs. 41:23. age/sex/location (2022)
First listen.
Soothing background music ("Mean Mug")
Second listen.

2: "Pressure"; "Leak It" (ft. Chloe);
1: "POF"; "Waste My Time"; "Mean Mug"; "Boy Bye" (ft. Lucky Daye); "Queen Space" (with Summer Walker);
0: "Hoodie"; "Stop By"; "Outside"; "Blocking You";
N: "A/S/L - Interlude";

In addition to being less familiar with R&B, I'm also not as accustomed to Ari Lennox's type of voice. I would describe it as having a bit of a "whine". With that being said, while the album wasn't my favorite, I found it a decent listening experience.

Overall Rating: 3.6/5
Favorite Songs: "Pressure" and "Leak It" (ft. Chloe)

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20220924 | Peak Position: 69 | Weeks on Chart: 1 | Debut Date: 20220924

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