Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - Rams Head Live!

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper* opened for Beirut at Rams Head Live!, Baltimore, MD.

*20191106: The artist is now known as just Lady Lamb.

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Lady Lamb (

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I went with two friends and we stood on the second level along the railing. It was far back enough, so that, while we were off center, it still felt like were were watching from straight on. We figured the view from where we were was pretty good, since if we were on the floor, we wouldn't have been in the front next to the stage anyhow. Though we kept in mind that if we came here again, we'd try a different position along the railing that might be better than where we were.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper made me want to be in California with my electric guitar. While I generally takes some time before I start liking an artist's music, I immediately loved Lady Lamb's music. Lady Lamb's performance was powerful. Her voice is amazing (and raw).

Hearing Lady Lamb (Aly Spaltro) perform was a memorable experience.

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I still vaguely remember her singing "Crane Your Neck."

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