Gorillaz - Gorillaz (2001)

Reason for Listening:
I heard "DARE" on the radio and news of an upcoming album release.

According to last.fm, prior to today, I've submitted 147 scrobbles for this album, with the bulk of scrobbles being attributed to Tomorrow Comes Today (61) and Clint Eastwood (27). 19-2000 (11) and Punk (8) follow behind. With respect to time, 78 of the scrobbles occurred in 2009 followed by 54 in 2008 (totalling 132 of the 147 scrobbles).

Released 20010326.
15 songs. 57:19. Gorillaz (2001)
First listen. Album with three bonus tracks.*
I'm pretty sure I've sat down and rated this album once a long time ago. It would be a matter of finding my notes.
Hmm. Listening to "Clint Eastwood," I'm pretty sure I like "Tomorrow Comes Today." With that being said, I like both merely based on the feel. From what I can recall, I've never sat down and taken a deep look at the lyrics.
While the song isn't bad, it feels out of place on this album ("Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)")
Even though they are both rated a "1," I like "Starshine" more than "Slow Country."

4: "Tomorrow Comes Today";
3: "Clint Eastwood";
2: "Man Research (Clapper)"; "19-2000"; "M1 A1"; "Left Hand Suzuki Method"; "Clint Eastwood" (Ed Case Refix)
1: "5/4"; "Punk"; "Double Bass"; "Rock the House"; "Starshine"; "Slow Country";
0: "Re-Hash"; "Sound Check (Gravity)"; "Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)"; "Dracula";

Not too long ago, I relistened to Sublime and the experience was underwhelming. In contrast, I was quite happy today with my relistening experience of Gorillaz. With that being said, I would dock some points off the overall album experience due to "Latin Simone" which sticks out like a sore thumb.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5
Favorite Song: "Tomorrow Comes Today"

*For some reason the Spotify version of this album doesn't have "19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)."

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20010921 | Peak Position: 14 | Weeks on Chart: 43

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