Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps (2017)

Reason for Listening:
Cycling back on some artists I've listened to in 2021. Punisher was one of the best albums I heard in 2021, so I definitely had to include Phoebe Bridger's Stranger in the Alps.

Released 20170922.
11 songs. 44:15. Stranger in the Alps (2017)
11+2 songs. 44:15+07:10. Stranger in the Alps (Deluxe) (2017)

First listen. Deluxe.
Second listen. Deluxe.
Third listening. Deluxe.
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Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
2: "Smoke Signals"; "Motion Sickness"; "Would You Rather"; "Motion Sickness" (Demo - Bonus Track);
1: "Demi Moore"; "Georgia"; "Chelsea"; "You Missed My Heart"; "Smoke Signals (Reprise)"; "It'll All Work Out" (Bonus Track);
0: "Funeral"; "Scott Street"; "Killer";

Overall, I'm not excited about the album, but I like the sound of it. I appreciate it. I recall feeling much more impressed by her sophomore album Punisher

Overall Rating (Standard): 4.2/5
Overall Rating (Deluxe): 4.4/5
Favorite Song: "Would You Rather"

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