John Williams - Home Alone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1990)

Reason for Listening:
#45 on the Top Holiday Albums (Week of 20211218).
Last Week: 46 | Peak: 40 | Weeks on Chart: 13
Billboard Listing: Home Alone - Soundtrack - [picture of John Williams]

Released 1990.
19 songs. 56:58. Home Alone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1990)
First listen.
The Spotify album does not have track 6 ("White Christmas") or 8 ("Please Come Home for Christmas").
Second listen.
The first part of the main title shows similarities with the Harry Potter theme (because that's also John Williams)
This track "The House" is perhaps the first part of that main title track.

Despite potentially never having seen the movie in its entirety, at least not as an adult, this album has such a great sound to it.

Overall Rating: 5.2/5
Favorite Song: "Somewhere in My Memory"

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