Various Artists - Encanto (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2021)

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#7 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20220108).
Last Week: 110 | Peak: 7 | Weeks on Chart: 5
Billboard Listing: Encanto - Soundtrack - [below album cover]

Released 20211119.
44 songs. 114:41. Encanto (2021)
First listen.
Second listen.
I like "We Don't Talk About Bruno" in the movie, but not as much as a standalone track. I like the line with the sand.

3: "Surface Pressure";
2: "The Family Madrigal"; "Waiting on a Miracle"; "What Else Can I Do?"; "Dos Oruguitas"; "Colombia, Mi Encanto";
1: "We Don't Talk About Bruno"; "All of You"; "Two Oruguitas";
0: "Hola Casita";

Tracks 11 through 36 are score, which I won't rate. Tracks 37 to 44 are instrumental versions of the first ten tracks.

I enjoyed the movie and the music. Some of the lyrical songs are closely tied to the movie, but they still have a good sound. Among the songs, I really liked "Surface Pressure" for it's style, theme, and beat. It can also largely be heard outside the scope of the movie. Interestingly, the most played track from the album on Spotify is "We Don't Talk About Brun" - which in contrast is very tied to the movie. Overall, I think I like it a notch under the Moana soundtrack, which I gave a 5.2.

Overall Rating (first 10 tracks): 5.0/5
Favorite Song: "Surface Pressure"

20220402 Comment:
I've listened to various tracks in this album several times over. In particular, I often listen to a combination of "Surface Pressure", "We Don't Talk About Bruno", and "What Else Can I Do?" when on the way to or back from my kid's daycare. He/she has been learning to request "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and "What Else Can I Do?". By tracks, "What Else Can I Do?" has 60 scrobbles, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" has 47 scrobbles, and "Surface Pressure" has 42 scrobbles. Honorable mentions to "¡Hola Casita!", "Dos Oruguitas", and "All of You" with 23, 20, and 17 scrobbles, respectively. At a higher level, I listened to the entire album about 5 times, and the first 10 tracks about 11 times.

With "What Else Can I Do?", I sometimes play it twice in a row so that I can sing Isabel's parts the first time around and then Mirabel's parts the second time.

In any case, if I were to re-rate the songs, I might do something like this:
4: "What Else Can I Do?"
3: "Surface Pressure"; "We Don't Talk About Bruno";
2: "Waiting on a Miracle"; "Dos Oruguitas"; "All of You";
1: "The Family Madrigal"; "Two Oruguitas";
0: "Colombia, Mi Encanto";
N: "Hola Casita";

Overall Rating (first 10 tracks): 5.4/5
Favorite Song: "What Else Can I Do?" / "Surface Pressure" / "We Don't Talk About Bruno"

On a different note, I was very happy for the album's viral success as it reached #1 on the Billboard 200!
Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20220115 | Peak Position: 1 (9 WKS) | Weeks on Chart: 17 | Debut Date: 20211211

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