blink-182 - blink-182 (2003)

Reason for Listening:
Various music including blink-182 was playing at a climbing gym and got me feeling nostalgic. I decided to listen to the album that contained "I Miss You".

Released 20031118.
16 songs. 53:06 blink-182* (2003)

*According to Wikipedia, this album is also known as "untitled"

First listen.
I love the echo/delay/overlap at the end. I'm curious if I ever noticed it before ("Feeling This")
I don't recognize this song, but it has a cool start ("Violence")
Resume with fifth track.
Ends with an awesome drum solo ("I'm Lost Without You")

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
4: "I Miss You";
3: "Feeling This";
2: "Down"; "Always";
1: "Obvious"; "Violence"; "All of This"; "I'm Lost Without You"; "Anthem Part Two - Live In Chicago";
0: "Stockholm Syndrome"; "The Fallen Interlude"; "Go"; "Asthenia"; "Easy Target"; "Here's Your Letter";
N: "Stockholm Syndrome Interlude";

This album had some good tracks, and often stays close to the general sound of Enema of the State - at least from what I recall. With that being said, my intuition is that Enema of the State would be the better album. Absent of listening to the album, indications of this can be found via Billboard 200 and the band's most popular songs on Spotify. For example, three tracks from Enema of the State currently occupy the first, second, and seventh positions, while only two tracks from this album occupy the third and eighth position ("I Miss You" and "Feeling This", respectively). Aside from the comparison, I feel like this album has less energy overall and I'd almost only want to listen to "I Miss You" and "Feeling This" - perhaps with "Always" thrown in every now and then.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Favorite Song: "I Miss You"

Billboard 200
Debut Date: 20031206 | Peak Date: 20031206 | Peak Position: 3 | Weeks on Chart: 47
Billboard Listing: Blink-182 - Blink-182 - [n/a]

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