TV Girl - Grapes Upon the Vine (2023)

Reason for Listening:
I previously listened to some tracks which I recall liking (e.g., "Shame")

Released 20230630.
12 songs. 41:06. Grapes Upon the Vine (2023)
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First listen.
Hmm. Interesting using of samples ("Higher Ground"); I have mixed feelings about it
Peaceful sound (in part from the choir on loop) ("Heaven Over our Heads"); this use of the choir sound in this track is more pronounced compared to the use in "Grapes Upon the Vine"

3: "Shame";
2: "Heaven Over our Heads";
1: "The Night Time"; "Fire"; "99.5";
0: "I'll Be Faithful"; "All the Way Through"; "Hang On"; "Higher Ground"; "One of these Mornings"; "Big Black Void"; "Grapes Upon the Vine";

Judging by the distribution of the ratings, I appeared to have had a strong opinion about how the songs compare to each other. However, despite the relatively higher distribution of values, I believe the overall rating would be better established by subtracting one from all the ratings. As such, I've gone ahead and done this, dropping the ratings by one and consolidating all the 1's with the existing 0's ("Hang On" and "Higher Ground").

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
Favorite Song: "Shame"

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