Norah Jones - Come Away with Me (2002)

Reason for Listening:
I recently listened to Genius Loves Company and the first track reminded me to listen to more Norah Jones.
I'm pretty sure I've listened to this album in full and have notes in a journal somewhere. On a related note, I must have listened to multiple albums by Jones, to assess purchase of one of her albums on vinyl, The Fall. But apparently since the start of this music blog, the only Norah Jones album I've listened to is her holiday album I Dream of Christmas.

Album cover (Standard Edition)

Released 20020226.
14 songs. 44:58. Come Away with Me (2002)
14 & 17 & 13 songs. 44:58 & ##:## & ##:##. Come Away with Me (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2022)

First listen. Super Deluxe Edition (a.k.a., 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
I'm a little surprised to learn that "Feelin' The Same Way" has relatively low plays on Spotify, as to me it is on par with hits "Don't Know Why" and "Come Away with Me". Though... are those songs better or more popular? Does popularity associate itself with sounding better? I've reflected in the past that the more familiar I am with the sound of a song, the more likely I am to like it. And thinking about that notion today it makes sense. If you like an object, and then slightly tweak it, there is a high chance you will like the tweaked version - or at the least it has the opportunity to grow on you faster. In any case, I then learned on Wikipedia that "Feelin' the Same Way" was the second single from the album; the first was "Don't Know Why", the third was "Come Away with Me", and the fourth was "Turn Me On". [Looking back at the numbers, most songs on the album hover around 25M plays. In contrast, the singles, in order of release, have 440M, 58M ("Feelin' the Same Way"), 354M, and 192M plays. Other tracks with a high play count are "Seven Years" (74M) and "Shoot the Moon" (62M), but they also come after the two hit tracks, so I imagine there exists a spillover effect where a listener goes into the album, listens to the popular song, and happens to listen to the next song. One can see how the number of plays for tracks 8 to 13 have a tendency to decrease. The one exception to spillover would be the final track, "The Nearness of You" (49M). In any case, I would begin with assuming that 30.9M plays are from the beginning of the album up to track 3, 25.8M plays are from the beginning up to track 10, and finally 24.9M plays from beginning to end. Thus the differences between the singles and subsequent songs are approximately as follows: 409M to 43M, 325M to 34M (the 325M might be too high since it itself can be composed of spillover from track 4 - albeit a smaller spillover), and 166M to 2M. The first two suggest spillover might happen at a rate of 10% but that doesn't track with the third. At that rate, 166M plays would be a spillover of 16M plays...]
Listened to Disc 2 and Disc 3 without rating them.
Listened to Disc 2 and Disc 3 again.

~Disc 1 | Come Away with Me - 20th Anniversary Remaster~
3: "Don't Know Why"; "Feelin' The Same Way"; "Come Away with Me";
2: "Seven Year"; "Turn Me On"; "I've Got to See You Again"; "Painter Song";
1: "Lonestar"; "The Long Day is Over"; "Nightingale";
0: "Cold Cold Heart"; "One Flight Down"; "The Nearness of You";

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For some reason this track reminds me of the video game Shady Part of Me. Perhaps its vibe is similar to one of the tracks in the middle of the game ("Something Is Calling You" (First Sessions Demo))

Album cover (Super Deluxe Edition)

~Disc 2 | The Demos / First Sessions Outtakes / First Sessions EP~
3: "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" (Demo); "Something Is Calling You" (First Sessions Outtakes / Tabla Version); "Hallelujah, I Love Him So" (First Sessions Outtake); "Don't Know Why" (First Sessions Demo); "Lonestar" (First Sessions Demo);
2: "World of Trouble" (Demo); "Just Like A Dream Today" (First Sessions Outtake); "Turn Me On" (First Sessions Demo);
1: "The Only Time" (First Sessions Outtake); "What Am I To You" (First Sessions Outtake); "Day Dream" (First Sessions Outtake); "Come Away with Me" (First Sessions Demo);
0: "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" (Demo); "I Didn't Know About You" (First Sessions Outtake); "When Sunny Gets Blue" (First Sessions Outtake); "Something Is Calling You" (First Sessions Demo); "Peace" (First Sessions Demo);

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This disc was real calm. Most, if not all, alternate versions were more chill than their counterparts

~Disc 3 | The Allaire Sessions~
3: "Painter Song" (Alternate Version);
2: "I've Got to See You Again" (Alternate Version); "What Would I Do"; "One Flight Down" (Alternate Version);
1: "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight"; "What Am I To You" (Alternate Version); "Turn Me On" (Alternate Version); "A Little At A Time";
0: "Nightingale" (Alternate Version); "Peace" (Alternate Version); "Fragile";

Overall, this is a great album.

Overall Rating (Disc 1): 5.6/5
Favorite Song (Disc 1): "Feelin' The Same Way"
Favorite Song (Disc 2): "Walkin' My Baby Back Home" or "Hallelujah, I Love Him So"
Favorite Song (Disc 3): "Painter Song" (Alternate Version)

Billboard 200
Debut Date: 20020316 | Peak Date: 20030125 | Peak Position: 1 (4 WKS) | Weeks on Chart: 165

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