Christine and the Queens - Chris (2018)

Reason for Listening:
A friend said he/she liked this artist.

Released 20180921.
11. 44:28. Chris (English) (2018)
11+4 songs. 44:28+15:21. Chris (English) (Target) (2018)
12 songs. 48:16. Chris (French) (2018)
First listen. English.
I definitely like the sound of this first track. ("Comme si")
I read on her Wikipedia page that Michael Jackson was her favorite male singer. I feel like this song captures some of that sound ("Damn (what must a woman do)")
Second listen. French.
I like the sound of "La marcheuse" (possibly more than the English version)
Nice beat ("Follarse") [While Christine and the Queens is a French artist, the lyrics "para follarse" is Spanish for "to fuck" (according to Google Translate)][It's interesting that neither the French or English songs are flagged as "explicit" on Spotify; I think Spotify does make it known in an FAQ somewhere that the tag isn't foolproof]

I like the sound of the album. I think having an English and French version of most tracks is artistically interesting. I suppose it's somewhat similar to having an explicit and censored version of a song. Except when switching languages, the artist must capture the essence of the song while potentially maintaining rhyme and meter (as that may be an important part of the song's meaning). I'll have to try and listen to her debut album some time.

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