Flo Milli - Ho, why is you here? (2020)

Reason for Listening:
Recommended by Spotify (she was the second artist listed on the RADAR US playlist).

Released 20200724.
12 songs. 29:56. Ho, why is you here? (2020)
First listen.
"Mood Everyday (Intro)" kind of leaves me feeling like the hook could have been converted to a full song.
I like the sound of this second track ("Beef FloMix")
The lines here sound derivative, but I'm not entirely sure ("Like That Bitch")
Somehow the flow of "Pockets Bigger" reminds me of music by Lil Dicky. [20210119: Not the entire track, just part(s) of it]
I previously didn't finish the album. I listened to tracks 11 and 12.
Hmm. I'm unimpressed with the chorus of "Scuse Me".

There were some tracks that I might like, but overall the music style and/or lyrics largely fall out of my current sphere of musical preferences.

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