Matt and Kim - Grand (2009)

Reason for Listening:
I wanted to listen to some Matt and Kim.
I love this band and I follow them on Instagram, but I barely use the app. In an case, I recently went on Instagram and saw a post by the band. I guess it caused a lingering desire to listen to them. Among the various albums to choose from, I decided to listen to Grand. Although the album contains "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare," which is a favorite all-time song of mine, I am less familiar with most of the other tracks.

Released 20090120.
11 songs. 29:19. Grand (2009)
First listen.
I watched the music video for "Lessons Learned" for the first time.

5: "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare";
4: "Daylight";
3: "Lessons Learned";
2: "Don't Slow Down"; "Cinders"; "Daylight Outro (Remix)";
1: "Spare Change"; "Turn This Boat Around"; "I'll Take Us Home";
0: "Cutdown"; "I Wanna";

This album has a couple of strong tracks, but most of the album seems to lack the same level of energy which I enjoy from the band. Thus, while I really like "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare", I would much prefer listening to Sidewalks and Lightning with respect to the full album experience.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
Favorite Song: "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare"

Billboard 200
Peak Date: 20090828 | Peak Position: 165 | Weeks on Chart: 5

20210918 Comment: I previously rated the album (along with many of their other albums) in the post-festival thoughts section of my Matt and Kim Firefly 2015 post. I've include the ratings here (converting from Firefly 2015 to Revised 2015).

9: "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare";
4: "Daylight";
3: None
2: "Lesson Learned"; "Don't Slow Down"; "Daylight Outro (Remix)";
1: "Spare Change"; "Cinders"; "I'll Take Us Home";
0: "Cutdown"; "I Wanna"; "Turn This Boat Around";

For the most part, my recent ratings match those I made in 2015. In fact there were only three small differences. "Turn This Boat Around" went from a "0" to a "1"; "Cinders" went from a "1" to a "2"; "Lesson Learned" went from a "2" to a "3".

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