The Aces - Under My Influence (2020)

Reason for Listening:
Randomly clicked on one of the albums under the Spotify category "Album picks: Albums for you based on what you like to listen to."

Released 20200717.
14 songs. 44:57. Under My Influence (2020)
First listen.
I've heard this track before ("Daydream")
The song has a cool choppy sound to it. I guess like a staccato sound.
Reasonable beat ("Can You Do")
"All Mean Nothing" has a vibe that reminds me of the theme to television series called Charmed: "How Soon Is Now?" (The Smiths Cover) by Love Split Love.
I like the switch up in style to a slower pace here ("801")
Ooo. I'm really digging the melody, chorus, and overall elements of this song ("I Can Break Your Heart Too"); perhaps benefiting from the transition to slower songs with the previous track
Specifically, "But you can't have your cake | And eat it too | My life isn't always about you | I can break your heart too."
The after album radio was playing in the background and a beat had caught my ear. It turned out to be "Can You Do". I moved it from a "1" to a "2".
3: "Daydream";
2: "Can You Do"; "801"; "I Can Break Your Heart Too";
1: "New Emotion"; "All Mean Nothing"; "Cruel";
0: "My Phone is Trying to Kill Me"; "Kelly"; "Lost Angeles"; "Not Enough"; "Tought of You"; "Going Home"; "Zillionaire";

For the most part, this album was underwhelming. It starts off with "Daydream" which is a great track, but the rest of the album failed to deliver a similar experience.

Overall Rating: 3.0/5
Favorite Song: "Daydream"

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