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Don't remember.

Released 20200522.
7 songs. 17:33. BRELAND (2020)
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First listen. First three tracks.
I don't think repeating "sauce" at the end is creative. But I can see it being catchy as a dance song.

3: "My Truck";
2: "Hot Sauce'; "In The Woulds" (ft. Chase Rice & Lauren Alaina); "My Truck" (ft. Sam Hunt);
1: "Horseride"; "Beautiful Lies";
0: "WiFi";

I like the sound of this album. It's a good balance between country and rap.

I like the rhythm and flow of "In The Woulds" but the message is not easy to parse like "My Truck". Reading the lyrics, the theme and story of the song makes more sense. But I also noticed that the song rhymes "wood" with "would" (boring). So while "In The Woulds" had potential, "My Truck" is my favorite song on the album.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5
Favorite Song: "My Truck"

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