Andy Grammer - BottleRock 2016

Festival Plan: Some of Andy Grammer's songs are my favorite and are a great reason why I should see him perform.

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Andy Grammer at BottleRock 2016 (*
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*Added the songs below on 20160601.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me are two songs which get my feet moving time and time again.

These two songs alone are a good reason I would have to see Andy Grammer perform.

Excellent: Keep Your Head Up {3}; Honey, I'm Good {3} [I love both the lyrics, theme (faithfulness), and energy of this song]; Fine By Me {4}; Back Home {2};

Above Average: Miss Me; Forever; Crazy Beautiful;
Slightly Above Average: Blame It On the Stars; Holding Out; The Pocket - Live from L.A.; Co-Pilot; Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah);
On the Fence: Kiss You Slow [maybe because I play guitar XD]; Remind You;

1) Kiss You Slow [AA]
2) Keep Your Head Up [E3]
3) Miss Me [AA]
4) Blame It on the Stars [AA]
5) Holding Out [AA]

6) Trumpets (Jason Derulo cover) [AA] -- Grammer uses a loop machine; he lays down a trumpet loop followed by a beatbox loop; later the other band members contribute as well
7) The Pocket [SAA]
8) Ladies [AA]
9) Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol cover) [E2] -- starts with Grammer on guitar plucking just two notes; eventually returns to beatboxing

10) Honey, I'm Good. [E6]
11) Fine By Me [E7]
12) Back Home [AA]
13) Remind You [SAA] -- The microphone on Grammer's right has a modulator
14) Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah) [E3]

Post-Festival Thoughts:
While there's strong consistency in what I considered "Excellent" between my Pre-Festival and Post-Festival listening sessions, there's a slight inconsistency between them and the live performance. In any case, I would say the performance exceeded my expectation. In particular, it was much more exciting than I would have ever imagined.

Actually, there are a couple of specific reasons why the show was amazing. First, it showcases Grammer's talent: trumpet, guitar, keyboard, beatbox, sing, and dance. Second, the band members put a lot of energy into the show and the occasional synchronized dancing is entertaining to watch. Third, the audience throws a lot of energy back to the stage and it's a large crowd.

Excellent: Honey, I'm Good {3}; Keep Your Head Up {5} [*]; Fine By Me {7} [*]; Back Home {2};
Above Average: Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah); Crazy Beautiful; Miss Me; Kiss You Slow [something about the word 'kick drum' is perfect, but something about the pacing is off]; Holding Out;

Slightly Above Average: Blame It on the Stars [this song definitely has some good lyrics, maybe it should be 'Above Average'...]; Ladies; The Pocket;
On the Fence: Sinner; Remind You;

*Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me were both formerly in my Top 20 / 30. Both remain great songs and are definite contenders in a battle to return to the Top 20 / 30.

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