Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind (2018)

Reason for Listening:
Recently heard "2002."

I heard "2002" while walking around in the supermarket (20200429 9:08 AM). I then heard the song again after listening to Future Nostalgia. Soon after I watched "Anne-Marie '2002' Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified" by Genius on YouTube. It was clear from the video that she was a good singer. She also mentioned/implied it was different from the rest of her album, but I didn't know what that meant.

Released 20180427.
12 songs. 41:11. Speak Your Mind (2018)
12+5-1 songs. 41:11+20:11-03:46. Speak Your Mind (Deluxe) (CD) (2018)
12+5 songs. 41:11+20:11. Speak Your Mind (Deluxe) (Digital Download) (2018)
12+5+1 songs. 41:11+20:11+03:03. Speak Your Mind (Deluxe) (Digital Re-release) (2018)
12+2 songs. 41:11+07:08. Speak Your Mind (Japan) (2018)
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First listen. Deluxe edition (digital re-release)
This first song, "Cry," is drastically different from "2002."
She has a powerful voice. ("Cry")
I absolutely love the sound of "2002." I especially like the song references. The chorus starts
"Oops, I got 99 problems singing bye, bye, bye
Hold up, if you wanna go and take a ride with me
Better hit me, baby, one more time, uh"
which are references to "Oops!... I Did It Again," "99 Problems," "Bye Bye Bye, "Ride wit Me," and "...Baby One More Time."

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
6: "2002";
5: None
4: None
3: "Perfect";
2: "Heavy"; "Can I Get Your Number"; "Machine"; "Don't Leave Me Alone" (David Guetta ft. Anne-Marie);
1: "Cry"; "Alarm"; "Then"; "FRIENDS" (with Marshmello); "Bad Girlfriend"; "Some People"; "Rockabye" (Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie)
0: "Ciao Adios"; "Trigger"; "Breathing Fire"; "Used to Love You"; "Peak" (Stripped);

Although I absolutely loved "2002," I'd say that set the bar really high and the rest of her album simply had a different sound which I didn't necessarily enjoy as much.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
Favorite Song: "2002"

Billboard Top 200
Peak Date: 20180511 | Peak Position: 31 | Weeks on Chart: 29

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