Doja Cat - Hot Pink (2019)

Reason for Listening:
#9 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20200516). Weeks on Chart greater than 2x the rank.
Last Week: 19 | Peak: 9 | Weeks on Chart: 27

Released 20191107.
12 songs. 39:48. Hot Pink (2019)

--20200514-- (AM Hours)
First listen.
Rated some songs.
Second listen.
Third listen.
--20200514-- (Night)
Fourth listen.
Possibly "Won't Bite" could be a "3."
Moved "Say So" from a "2" to a "3."
Moved "Talk Dirty" from a "3" to a "2."

3: "Cyber Sex"; "Say So"; "Better Than Me"; "Juicy" (with Tyga)
2: "Won't Bite" (ft. Smino); "Like That" (ft. Gucci Mane); "Talk Dirty"; "Addiction";
1: "Rules";
0: "Bottom Bitch"; "Streets"; "Shine";

I like this album. Overall, the sound is similar to music by Nicki Minaj, except with a greater focus on pop or R&B than hip-hop. In different words, Doja Cat's Hot Pink is much more like Nicki Minaj's pop-heavy "Super Bass" or "Starships" than Nicki Minaj's more hip-hop songs. Note that due to the variety between pop and R&B, the entire album differs in tone from a pop and dance album like Rare (Selena Gomez album).

I had a hard time choosing which songs I had rated a "3" the best. However, the choice was mainly between "Cyber Sex" and "Say So." Both these songs had elements which I really liked. Explicitly, "Cyber Sex" has a real playful beat whereas "Say So" is catchy in a more laidback manner. Ultimately I chose "Cyber Sex" which seems closer to what I've been enjoying in music over the past few months.

Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Favorite Song: "Cyber Sex"

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