Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (1977)

Reason for Listening:
#60 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20200516).

Last Week: 63 | Peak: 1 | Weeks on Chart: 371

Standard album cover.

Released 19770204.
6/5 songs. 19:40/20:08. Rumours (Vinyl) (1977)
6+1+5 songs. 19:40+04:48+20:08. Rumours* (Deluxe - Disc 1) (2004)
6+5+1 songs. 19:40+20:08+04:48. Rumours* (Super Deluxe - Disc 1) (2013)

12 songs. 52:05. Rumours: Live, 1977 Rumours World Tour (Super Deluxe - Disc 2)
16 songs. 64:53. Rumours: More from the Recording Sessions (Super Deluxe - Disc 3)
18 songs. 63:26. Rumours: Roughs & Outtakes, Early Demos, and Jam Sessions (Deluxe - Disc 2) (Super Deluxe - Disc 4)
6 songs. ##:##. Rumours: The Rosebud Film (Super Deluxe - DVD)
*2004 Remaster.

First listen. Super Deluxe.
~Disc 1~
Oh wow. As I listen, I realize I've heard so many of these songs but didn't realize they were by Fleetwood Mac. ("Don't Stop")
When I hear this song, "Don't Stop," I think of Chuck E. Cheese. I distinctly remember the animatronics singing this song.
I love this song. Note that it's sung and written by Christine McVie.

Songs on this disc have the note "2004 Remaster."
4: "Songbird";
3: "Dreams"; "Don't Stop";
2: "Never Going Back Again"; "Go Your Own Way"; "The Chain";
1: "Silver Springs";
0: "Second Hand News"; "You Make Loving Fun"; "I Don't Want to Know"; "Oh Daddy"; "Gold Dust Woman";

Super Deluxe album cover.

~Disc 2~
Interestingly, this disc lacks three of the five songs which I rated as a "0." Since "Silver Springs" was not released in 1977, this disc also lacks "Silver Springs." In their place are "Intro," "Monday Morning," "Rhiannon," and "World Turning."
Common differences between the live performances are additional or extended instrumental sections, ambient noise (e.g., the crowd shouting), and a little more power.
I'm really glad "Songbird" is on this disc.

Songs on this disc have the note "Live 1977" unless written otherwise.
4: "Songbird";
3: "Dreams"; "The Chain";
2: "Don't Stop"; "Rhiannon"; "Never Going Back Again"; "Go Your Own Way";
1: "Monday Morning" (*); "Oh Daddy"; "Gold Dust Woman" (Live 1977) (2013 Remaster); "World Turning" (*) (2013 Remaster)
0: "Intro";
*Live at The Fabulous Forum, Inglewood, CA 08/29/77

~Disc 3~
Wow. Really interesting to hear an early take ("Second Hand News")
This take of "Dreams" is interesting because it seems to primarily focus on Stevie Nick's vocals. Briefly comparing it to the album version, it seems that it lacks drums and back-up vocals. I think instead it uses a guitar, bass, and keyboard; regardless of the instrument(s) being used, the tone is low and calm.
This demo of Songbird is neat to listen to but doesn't have the appeal of the album or live version.
Continued with "I Don't Want to Know" (Early Take);

3: "Dreams" (Take 2); "Songbird" (Instrumental, Take 10);
2: "Never Going Back Again" (Acoustic Duet); "Songbird" (Demo);
1: "Second Hand News" (Early Take); "The Chain" (Demo); "Oh Daddy" (Early Take); "Silver Springs" (Early Take); "Planets of the Universe" (Demo) (2013 Remaster);
0: "Go Your Own Way" (Early Take); "I Don't Want to Know" (Early Take); "Keep Me There" (Instrumental) (2013 Remaster); "Keep Me There" (With Vocal) (2013 Remaster); "Gold Dust Woman" (Early Take) (2013 Remaster); "Doesn't Anything Last" (Acoustic Duet) (2013 Remaster); "Never Going Back Again" (Instrumental);

~Disc 4~
This disc has some fun and/or neat moments.

Songs on this disc have the note "2004 Remaster."
4: "Songbird" (SRO);
3: "Dreams" (SRO); "Brushes (Never Going Back Again)" (SRO); "Go Your Own Way" (SRO);
2: "Second Hand News" (SRO); "Don't Stop" (SRO); "Never Going Back Again" (ED);
1: "Silver Springs" (SRO); "Oh Daddy" (SRO); "For Duster (The Blues)";
0: "You Make Loving Fun" (SRO); "Gold Dust Woman #1" (SRO); "Think About It" (SRO); "Planets of the Universe" (ED); "Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)" (ED); "Gold Dust Woman" (ED); "Doesn't Anything Last" (ED); "Mic the Screecher" (Jam Sessions);
SRO = "Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes"; ED = "Early Demo";

Deluxe album cover.

Going into the album, I did not realize that I would have recognized any of the band's music. In particular, off the top of my head, the only song I would have been able to attribute to the band would have been "Landslide."* In any case, I'm really glad that I listened to the album.

As far as all the bonus content, I liked the majority of it. With respect to not being entirely familiar with Fleetwood Mac, i.e., being more of a casual listener, I imagine this would mean that a fan would go nuts over all the content on the additional discs. Personally, among the three extra discs, I probably liked Disc 4 the most.

Overall Rating (Standard): 5.0/5
Overall Rating (Deluxe): 5.2/5
Overall Rating (Super Deluxe): 4.8/5
Favorite Song: "Songbird"

*Apparently "Landslide" was released on the eponymous 1975 album - the album which was released before Rumours.

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