Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (2020)

Reason for Listening:
#15 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20200509). Whatever looks good.
Last Week: 11 | Peak: 4 | Weeks on Chart: 5

Released 20200327.
11 songs. 37:17. Future Nostalgia (2020)
11+3 songs. 37:17+14:25. Future Nostalgia (Japan) (2020)
11+8 songs. 37:17+24:23. Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition (2021) Wikipedia

First listen.
I don't like the beginning but the chorus is mildly catchy. ("Future Nostalgia")
Oh. I heard this song before. I wonder where ("Don't Start Now"); it was the first single released off the album (20191031)
Huh. "Levitating" has a familiar sound to it.
Huh. What does "Break My Heart" sound like? Specifically the three beats.
--20200510-- (AM hours)
Second listen.
"Love Again" sounds like it might sample a song [Lew Stone & the Monseigneur Band feat. Al Bowlly's "My Woman"]
"Break My Heart" is actually catchy but I don't know if I can move it to a "2" because so many songs are there which I like more. Maybe if I were able to move some of those songs to a "3" then I could move "Break My Heart" to a "2." I still can't help but feel "Break My Heart" sounds familiar.
--20200510-- (evening)
I listen to the five songs rated "2" plus "Break My Heart" and think about which ones I like more.
"Cool" has a nice beat. I like the chorus. In particular, I like the line "I guess I'm ready for the summer."
"Levitating" starts slow but picks up after about 15 seconds.
"Pretty Please" has a soothing sound to it which I really enjoy. Perhaps the low bass plays a large part in this. Moved to a "3."
"Hallucinate" makes for a more typical dance track compared to the above three songs. So just a "2."
"Break My Heart" is super catchy actually and I'm actually going to give it a "3."
"Good In Bed" has a humorous aspect and reminds me a little of Lily Allen's music. I think overall it remains a "2."
Moved "Don't Start Now" to "2" (from a "4").

3: "Cool"; "Pretty Please"; "Break My Heart";
2: "Don't Start Now"; "Levitating"; "Hallucinate"; "Good in Bed";
1: "Physical"; "Love Again"; "Boys Will Be Boys";
0: "Future Nostalgia";

Apart from "One Kiss" and "IDGAF," I was not really familiar with Dua Lipa's music. As such, I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this album (i.e., the bar was low because I had no expectations going into it). As intended, the album captures an older pop sound, perhaps ranging from the 80s and 90s. Besides the sound, I suppose the album's short duration was another reason I enjoyed it. Coming in at under forty minutes, the album has a focused theme while still maintaining a range of sound.

Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Favorite Song: "Break My Heart"

Listen. Moonlight Edition.
First eight tracks.
Listen. Moonlight Edition.
First sixteen tracks.
Listen. Moonlight Edition.
Listened to the entire album.
20240119 Comment:
I was recently thinking of my all-time favorite albums - but that was hard and instead I retasked the thought to albums appearing on this blog. I had looked through the list of albums that had received a 5.4 or a 5.6, and then at some point I thought of this album and wondered where it was. Apparently I gave this album a lower score of 5.0, which severely underestimates how much I enjoy the album. Combining scrobbles for Future Nostalgia and Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition), the album would hold the #4 spot on albums with the most scrobbles since I started using the service (and exluding any missing scrobbles); it would be second behind Encanto when limited to the past four years.

Overall Rating: 5.6

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