Matt and Kim - ALMOST EVERYDAY (2018)

Reason for Listening:
The album was on my list of songs to listen to (added back in 2018).

Released 20180504.
10 songs. 28:01. ALMOST EVERYDAY (2018)

First listen. Passive
Second listen. Passive
Third Listen. Active but not all songs were rated.
Fourth Listen.
Moved "Intro" from a "1" to a "0."
Moved "I'd Rather" from a "0" to a "2."

3. "Happy If You're Happy"; "Youngest I Will Be"; "Glad I Tried"; "Where Do We Go From Here?";
2. "Forever"; "I'd Rather"; "All in My Head";
1. "Like I Used To Be";
0. "Intro; On My Own";

This album seems to play around heavily with dynamic range, especially for tempo and vocals. While I like the songs on the album, my favorite tracks on the album leaned towards appearing at the end of the album. The album is most definitely not more than a 5.6, but I think I should give it a 5.0.

While I like "Youngest I Will Be," I didn't see it as a contender for favorite song on the album. Ultimately, I had to decide between "Happy If You're Happy" and "Where Do We Go From Here?" Not wanting to decide, I picked them both.

Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Favorite Song: "Happy If You're Happy" and "Where Do We Go From Here?"

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