Quinn XCII - The Story of Us (2017)

Reason for Listening:
In a conversation, Quinn XCII was recommended to someone else. I was an interested bystander.
Prior to this album listening, I've scrobbled Quinn XCII a total of 10 times, with 4 scrobbles for Flare Guns and 3 scrobbles for Stacy.

Standard album cover.

Released 20170915.
11 songs. 36:40. The Story of Us (2017)
11 & 4 songs. 36:40 & 13:31. The Story of Us (Deluxe) (2017)
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First listen. Deluxe.
Hehe. Something catchy about the narrative. ("Straightjacket")
Not sure what I love about this song. Maybe it's a combination of the type of tones and instruments used in the beat together with the male & female vocals. In general, it has a youthful, dream-like sound, like "Fireflies" by Owl City - though "Fireflies" has a relatively electronic sound.
References Jack Johnson ("Don't You")

Deluxe album cover.

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
5: "Flare Guns" (ft. Chelsea Cutler);
4: None
3: "One Day At A Time";
2: "Straightjacket"; "Don't You"; "Candle";
1: "Fake Denim"; "Always Been You"; "What the Hell Happened to Us" (ft. Kailee Morgue);
0: "Intro (Slow)"; "Worst"; "60 Seconds"; "Walls"; "Tourist"; "Iron & Steel"; "Before It Burned";

Rarely listening to reggae, the portions of the album with a heavier reggae influence are less appealing to me. In contrast, I'm a huge fan of possibly the most pop-leaning song, "Flare Guns." From a slightly different point of view, Quinn XCII has a very distinct sound which helps him carve a unique space for himself, unlike other musical spaces where one artist may not have a sufficiently different sound from other artists occupying that space.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
Favorite Song: "Flare Guns" (ft. Chelsea Cutler);

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