Kygo - Golden Hour (2020)

Reason for Listening:
In a conversation, this album was recommended to someone else. I was an interested bystander.

Released 20200529.
18 songs. 60:47. Golden Hour (2020)
18+3 songs. 60:47+10:38. Golden Hour (Japan) (2020)

First listen.
I'm not fond of the post-chorus, in particular "You give me freedom-dom. Freedom, freedom."
Huh. I know I've heard "Broken Glass" before, but apparently I've only scrobbled it once before today (on 20200602). Some possibilities include the following: I was exceptionally impressed by the song which led to a distinct recall of having heard it, there are common pop patterns within the song which gives the impression that I've heard it before, or I've heard it multiple times from sources which do not scrobble listens (e.g., Amazon Music or the radio).
Almost similar to "Broken Glass," I recognized "I'll Wait" and there's only one scrobble for it (on 20200704). However, the difference here is that I also added it to one of my Pre-star Level lists (level "02").
Finished up some missing ratings.

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
3: "Broken Glass" (with Kim Petras); "I'll Wait" (with Sasha Sloan); "Like It Is" (with Zara Larsson and Tyga);
2: "Lose Somebody" (with OneRepublic); "Feels Like Forever" (with Jamie N Commons); "Higher Love" (with Whitney Houston); "Follow" (with Joe Janiak); "Someday" (with Zac Brown);
1: "How Would I Know" (with Oh Wonder); "Could You Love Me" (with Dreamlab); "Say You Will" (with Patrick Droney and Petey); "To Die For" (with St. Lundi); "Don't Give Up on Love" (ft. Sam Tinnesz);
0: "The Truth" (with Valerie Broussard); "Freedom" (with Zak Abel); "Beautiful" (with Sandro Cavazza); "Hurting" (with Rhys Lewis); "Only Us" (with Haux);

The album had good beats and would make for decent working music. Personally, however, I find the album to be underwhelming. In particular, at least in my mind, "Higher Love" is one of the album's top tracks yet failed to get me excited. In contrast, I like the more recently released "What's Love Got to Do with It" with Tina Turner. Perhaps the difference there is that Tina Turner was the original artist. Note that while the songs have a decent distribution across ratings 0, 1, 2, and 3, I think the actual spread is a little more compact, and the ratings here dominantly convey relative values instead of absolute values. Perhaps, due to a type of rating power creep, I should consider making it the norm to use 0 through 4.

Overall Rating: 4.8/5
Favorite Song: "I'll Wait"

#106 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20200808).
Last Week: 81 | Peak: 18 | Weeks on Chart: 9

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