MisterWives - SUPERBLOOM (2020)

Reason for Listening:
One of the albums recommended on Spotify which caught my eye.

Released 20200724.
19 songs. 61:15. SUPERBLOOM (2020)
First listen. Passive.
Second listen. Passive.
Finished the last four tracks. Passive.
Third listen.
I like certain portions of this song ("alone"). But there's something off to me about the length of time certain phrases are stretched out.
This song had a good theme but not enough variation ("over the rainbow"). Alternatively, it just might lack a significant beat.
"find my way home" has a great beat.
Listened to songs rated a "3" again: "rock bottom," "decide to be happy," "3 small words," and "SUPERBLOOM." Moved "rock bottom" to a "2."
Note that listening to "alone" a couple time again, the little parts that stood out before sounded better.

3: "decide to be happy"; "3 small words"; "SUPERBLOOM";
2: "ghost"; "whywhywhy"; "stories"; "rock bottom"; "coming up for air"; "love me true"; "muse";
1: "the end"; "alone"; "valentine's day", "find my way home"; "oxygen"; "running in place";
0: "over the rainbow"; "it's my turn"; "7-2";

Disregarding any artistic reasons the band might have had in making the album an hour long, I think my ideal version of the album would have favored omitting anywhere between three and six songs for a shorter, more focused forty-two to fifty-one minute experience. Of course, that's with respect to the full album experience as it comes from the artist. To clarify, I'm not against long albums. I just think, in this case, that removing some of the songs would have helped the album feel less repetitive. From a different point of view, I listened to the album in full a total of three times, and could have spent that same amount of time listening to a forty minute album at least five times. I think a safe score to assign this album is a 5.0, because I'm not sure if I like it as a whole enough to give it a higher score, but I definitely like it enough not to push it down in the 4.X range.

After listening to the last five tracks several times, I had trouble picking which song I liked best (out of "decide to be happy," "3 small words," and "SUPERBLOOM"). I'm just going to list them all. However, if I was forced to pick one, then I would probably go with "3 small words." On that note, I'm not that fond of "SUPERBLOOM"'s chorus, but I love the song's overall beat and flow.

Overall Rating: 5.0/5
Favorite Songs: "decide to be happy"; "3 small words"; "SUPERBLOOM"

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