LÉON - Apart (2020)

Reason for Listening:
A friend of mine, who previously told me about LÉON, informed me that LÉON had just come out with a new release.

Released 20201030.
11 songs. 37:SS. Apart (2020)
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First listen.
I've heard both "And It Breaks My Heart" and "In a Stranger's Arms" before so it was easier to recognize and enjoy them. With that being said, I like the latter more - maybe it should be a "3." ("In a Stranger's Arms)
Hmm. I heard "Who You Lovin" before but I'm not that into it. Maybe something about the chorus/post-chours.

2: "And It Breaks My Heart"; "In a Stranger's Arms";
1: "Head and Heart on Fire"; "Chasing A Feeling"; "Falling Apart"; "Die For You";
0: "Crazy/Stupid"; "Who You Lovin"; "Seventeen"; "Tell Me";

Using my intuition, I liked LÉON's self-titled album more than I liked this album. This would certainly be true based on the distribution of song ratings. With that being said, this album has a some solid tracks. I can also imagine this album growing on me if I had the opportunity to listen to it repeatedly.

Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Favorite Song: "In a Stranger's Arm"

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