VÉRITÉ - Firefly 2015

Festival Plan: I saw Falls perform on Friday and seeing their performance convinced me to see them again today over VÉRITÉ. With that being said, I might be able to catch the end of VÉRITÉ's performance.

Relevant Links:
VÉRITÉ (Facebook Page)
VÉRITÉ at Firefly 2015 (setlist.fm)*
VÉRITÉ (Wikipedia.org)
*Changed artist from 'Verité' to 'Vérité' and added the two songs I heard on 20150805.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Prior to the festival, I wasn't sure if I would want to see more of Falls or VÉRITÉ. In particular, I gave Verite 7 out of 10 for her music and 8 out of 10 for my desire to see her perform.

Excellent**: 'Heartbeat' [2+]
Above Average: 'Echo' -- her use of editing/effects for overlapping vocals reminds me of Lorde (I remember thinking Lorde was more than one singer the first time I heard her music), 'Wasteland', 'Weekend'
Slightly Above Average: ~
On The Fence: ~
**Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

Note that I only listened to 'Echo EP (2014)' and 'Wasteland single (2015)' on March 31, 2015 - prior to the release of 'Colors single (April 2015)' and 'Sentiment EP (June 2015)'.

-- I came here after listening to Falls and caught part of this song:
?+0) Rearrange -- she switches between two mics, the one on my right (her left) has a vocal effects processor
-- last song:
?+1) Weekend -- no mic switches

Post-Festival Thoughts:
It was pretty cool to catch a little bit of VÉRITÉ. I look forward to hearing the music she writes. In particular, I will give her latest release, 'Sentiment EP', a couple of listens.

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