Maggie Rogers - Surrender (2022)

Reason for Listening:
New release.

Released 20220729.
12 songs. 46:16. Surrender (2022)
First listen.
This track is slow and different in sound from her debut album. It sounds super mainstream and overdone.
"That's Where I Am" was one of the singles so there was some familiarity there (released 20220408; my previous scrobbles: 20220506, 20220715, 20220719).
"Want Want" has a powerful feeling to it [it was also one of the singles; released 20220601; my previous scrobbles: 20220607 and 20220715)
Continue with track 5

3: "Want Want"; 2: "That's Where I Am"; "I've Got a Friend";
1: "Overdrive"; "Horses";
0: "Anywhere With You"; "Be Cool"; "Shatter"; "Begging for Rain"; "Honey"; "Symphony"; "Different Kind of World";

Overall, this album didn't reach out to me in the same way the first album did. Perhaps I set my expectations higher? A similar effect occurred for me between Phoebe Bridgers's first and second album, except in reverse; I had listened to the second album first, really liked it, and then listened to the first album but wasn't as impressed. Either I had a prior set of expectations and/or the sound between the two albums differed. If I were to guess, the album will make it to the top 10 on the Billboard 200 by the artist's established popularity, but will likely not make it to #1. Even if the album does reach #1, which would be great, I'm guessing it will not surpass the debut album in regards to "weeks on chart," which was 5.

Overall Rating: 3.6/5
Favorite Song: "Want Want"

20220811 Comment:
While my guess was incorrect, it was not far from the result: this album debuted at 12 on the Billboard 200 - apparently several other albums also were new to the chart including a new album by Beyonce.

#12 on the Billboard 200 (Week of 20220813).
Last Week: - | Peak: 12 | Weeks on Chart: 1
Second listen.
Listening to "Want Want" I first gave it a "2" but there was an appealing sound towards the end, that had me change the rating to a "3".

3: "Want Want";
2: "That's Where I Am"; "Anywhere With You"; "Horses"; "I've Got a Friend";
1: "Overdrive"; "Symphony"; "Different Kind of World";
0: "Be Cool"; "Shatter"; "Begging for Rain"; "Honey";

I suppose I eased up on my opinion about individual songs, but I think I would keep the overall rating. At best, I would give the album a 3.8.

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