Lana Del Rey - Paradise (2012)

Reason for Listening:
I started by listening to Born to Die which is disc 1 of Born to Die (Paradise Edition). I decided to continue and listen to disc 2, which is Paradise.

Released 20121109.
8 songs. 34:03. Paradise (2012)
8+1 songs. 34:03+03:51. Paradise (iTunes) (2012)
8+2 songs. 34:03+14:29. Paradise (Target) (2012)
First listen. Disc 2 of The Paradise Edition (iTunes) = Paradise (iTunes)
I don't like the outro ("American")
Not bad ("Cola")
Hmm. I'm not impressed by "Body Electric"
If I were to start assigning ratings, I might consider giving "Gods & Monsters" a relatively high rating. Either a "2" that's better than other "2"s or a "3".
I wasn't listening to the lyrics, but "Yayo" had a nice sound.

Billboard Top 200
Peak Date: 20121130 | Peak Position: 10 | Weeks on Chart: 44
Billboard Listing: Paradise (EP) - Lana Del Rey - [above album cover]

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