Hailee Steinfeld and Grey featuring Zedd - Starving (Remixes) (2017)

Reason for Listening:
I recently prepared entries for Starving and Starving (Acoustic). I figured I should also make an entry for Starving (Remixes).

Released 20170203.
4 songs. 13:37. Starving (Remixes) (2017)

First listen. Remixes.
I liked the sped up and choppy vocals. I was less sure how I felt at around 0:49 but in a few seconds there was a nice build up and the song recovered with the drop. (KIIDA Remix)
Nice. I like the feel of this second remix. (KillaGraham Remix)
I can't really tell the difference between the Bali Bandits Remix and the corresponding radio edit (Bali Bandits Remix - Radio Edit)

3: "Starving" (KillaGraham Remix);
2: "Starving" (Bali Bandits Remix); "Starving" (Bali Bandits Remix - Radio Edit);
1: None
0: "Starving" (KIIDA Remix);

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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