Revisiting Old Music

Today I decided to take a break from listening to albums off the Billboard 200. In it's place, I will begin listening to some albums related to music I've heard in the past, starting with 2019.

In more detail, I intend to look over my scrobbles from and listen to albums or singles with a sufficient number of scrobbles. What counts as sufficient will likely fluctuate, but the following two rules seem to be appropriate for 2019:
1) A single (an "album" with one track) has 15 or more scrobbles.
2) An album with a scrobble count per track count greater than 1.
2.i) The scrobbles listed under the standard album should use the standard track count and the scrobbles listed under the deluxe version of an album should use the deluxe track count.
2.ii) A computation can be made for an album, where the common subset of scrobbles from other albums count towards the album. This shall be noted by writing the word "Common" followed by the edition, e.g., "CommonStandard" or "CommonDeluxe."
3) Greater than 10 scrobbles.

In 2019, I scrobbled the standard edition of The Lumineers had only 2 scrobbles for a value of 2 over 11; Standard: 0.18. Meanwhile the deluxe edition had 19 scrobbles for a value of 19 over 16; Deluxe: 1.19. However, 16 of the 19 scrobbles could have just as well been played from the standard edition. As such, I could compute 18 over 11 for a ratio of 1.63 for the standard edition; CommonStandard: 1.64. Or I could also compute 21 divided by 16 for the deluxe edition; CommonDeluxe: 1.31.


Today I completed all albums which met the rules above with the exception of HAIZ and various children albums. Then, before proceeding to 2018, I double-checked if there were any notable tracks which I should review. As I did so, I temporarily decided that if a single is part of an album, then I should avoid making a post for the single. If anything, I would like to defer that until after a 2020 phase of discovering new music. In any case, the only song that came up was "I Really Like You" (Carly Rae Jepsen). In addition, even though "Black Wayfarers" (Cardiknox) didn't make the 15 scrobble cut, I would like to make a post for that song as well.

Having noted the above songs and albums, I proceeded to 2018 which is currently the second weakest year with only 1869 scrobbles. For this year I'll relax the values a little. Perhaps "10 or more scrobbles" for #1, "greater than 0.6" for #2, but no usage of "Common," and "6 scrobbles" for #3.


I'm currently listening to Sylvan Esso. As I do so, I think "greater than 0.6" for #2 is too low. I'm going to use 0.7 instead. I'm also going to add a new rule.

4) An album should have scrobbles for at least 50% of it's songs.


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