Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (2015)

Reason for Listening:
My Albums Scrobbled (2017).
Scrobbles: 21. Scrobble/Album_Song_Count: 1.05

I have 60 scrobbles for this album from 2016 to 2019 (34, 21, 0, 5) with 8 scrobbles for "Pillow Talking." "Pillow Talking" was ranked 22 on my Top 32 Songs (2018 Edition).

Released 20150731.
20 songs. 89:00. Professional Rapper (2015)

First listen.
Haha. Hilarious. ("Meet the Burds (Interlude)")
"14-year-old Topanga." ("Professional Rapper")
Hahaha. "I knew your dirty little ass wanted some head." ("Professional Rapper")
I don't think I've heard this song with my headphones on before. Before the chorus, the sounds that resonates between the left and right ears. ("Lemme Freak")
Haha. "Stop rapping over your own rap." ("Hannibal Interlude")
Hahaha. 30 friends. ("Hannibal Interlude")
Having previously watched the music videos for some of these songs ("Professional Rapper," "Lemme Freak," and "$ave Dat Money") helps visualize the lyrics and adds to their humor. ("$ave Dat Money")
I love this part. "Ohh don't double charge for me for that | Don't double charge me, we like | Ohh don't double charge for me for that..." ("$ave Dat Money")
Hahahaha. Punchline. Oh, it was just an accident?" ("$ave Dat Money")
I could write so much about this song. ("Pillow Talking")
Hahaha. Being sarcastic about strippers. ("Parents Still Don't Understand (Interlude)")

5: "Pillow Talking" (ft. Brain);
4: None
3: "Lemme Freak";
2: "Professional Rapper" (ft. Snoop Dogg); "Molly" (ft. Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco); "$ave Dat Money";
1: "Meet the Burds (Interlude)"; "Lemme Freak For Real Tho (Outro)"; "Hannibal Interlude" (ft. Hannibal Buress); "Personality" (ft. T-Pain); "Parental Advisory (Interlude)"; "Classic Male Pregame"; "The Antagonist"; "Parents Still Don't Understand (Interlude)"; "Work (Paid for That?)";
0: "Who Knew"; "White Crime"; "Bruh..."; "Oh Well" (ft. Jace of Two-9); "The Antagonist II"; "Truman";

I like Lil Dicky's creativity and humor, especially on various tracks on this album. I also particularly like how his songs don't feel repetitive.

On a different note, I'd rather listen to a subset of about 10 tracks over listening to the entire album. With that being said, the album as a whole is still strong. At first I thought about giving it a 5.6, but I think a 5.4 is more reasonable.

Overall Rating: 5.4/5
Favorite Song: "Pillow Talking" (ft. Brain)

I listened to the first 15 out of 20 tracks.
I listened to track 15, "Classic Male Pregame," twice. Then I finished the album (last five tracks). Then I listened to five random (?) tracks. Finally I listened to the last six tracks on the album.
I listened to the album from start to finish.

Billboard Top 200
Peak Date: 20150821 | Peak Position: 7 | Weeks on Chart: 48

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