Andy Grammer - Andy Grammer (2011)

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My Albums Scrobbled (2019).
Scrobbles: 18. Scrobble/Album_Song_Count: 1.64

From 2012 to 2019 I've scrobbled tracks from this album a total of 98 times, though 36 scrobbles are attributed to "Fine By Me" and 33 scrobbles are attributed to "Keep Your Head Up." Across those years, starting with 2012, the breakdown is 14, 38, 5, 7, 8, 1, 7, and 18 scrobbles.

Released 20110614.
11 songs. 40:16. Andy Grammer (2011)

I scrobbled the song 18 times in 2019, 10 of which occurred in January.
First listen.
I like "Fine By Me" more than "Keep Your Head Up" because "Fine By Me" has more of a flow.
Hmm. I'm not a fan of the way the lyric "lunatic" is sung: "luna-na-tic."
Ha. Nice punchline. "It's like I've been feeling like a helium balloon | You know I'm always on the rise"

4: "Fine By Me";
3: "Keep Your Head Up";
2: "Miss Me";
1: "Lunatic"; "Ladies"; "Love Love Love (Let You Go)";
0: "Slow"; "The Pocket";
-1: "You Should Know Better"; "Build Me a Girl"; "Biggest Man in Los Angeles";

As I listened to the album, I couldn't help but feel like the tracks were enjoyable but failed to excite me (aside from "Keep Your Head Up" and "Fine By Me"). I suppose the album is less energetic and more peaceful and soothing.

Overall Rating: 3.0/5
Favorite Song: "Fine By Me"

Billboard Top 200
Peak Date: 20110701 | Peak Position: 105 | Weeks on Chart: 1

"Keep Your Head Up"
Billboard Hot 100
Peak Date: 20110930 | Peak Position: 53 | Weeks on Chart: 20

"Fine By Me"
Billboard Hot 100
Peak Date: 20120427 | Peak Position: 84 | Weeks on Chart: 10

I listened to songs on an Andy Grammer setlist in preparation for Bottlerock 2016. Among the songs, three are from this album: "Keep Your Head Up," "Fine By Me," "Miss Me," and "The Pocket." I rated them a "4," "5," "2," and "1," respectively.*,**
During the performance I rated the songs (see 20160510) a "4," "8," "2," and "1," respectively.*,**
In my post-festival thoughts I rated the songs (see 20160510) a "6," "8," "2," and "1," respectively.*,**

*Translated from the old rating system to the new rating system (see Rating Systems).
**The full pre-festival/festival/post-festival notes can be found here.

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