Jenny & Tyler - This Isn't a Dream (2009)

Reason for Listening:
My Albums Scrobbled (2019).
Scrobbles: 18. Scrobble/Album_Song_Count: 1.64

"One Eyed Cat" was ranked 5 on my Top 32 Songs (2018 Edition). I scrobbled the song 18 times in 2019, 14 of which occurred in January.

Released 20090405.
11 songs. 44:35. This Isn't a Dream (2009)

First listen.
I like the sound of "Muse." Sounds like it's mainly ukulele.

Songs in bold are the bonus tracks on the deluxe edition.
4: "One Eyed Cat";
3: None
2: "Muse";
1: "Deepest Parts of Me"; "All Over Again";
0: "This Isn't a Dream"; "Do Not Follow Your Heart"; "Desperate Faces"; "Outro";
-1: "Simple"; "Love Through Me";
-2: "Red Carpet";

This album was very pleasant to listen to, especially consider it was the first time I listened to any of the tracks aside from "One Eyed Cat." Though I did have to listen to some of the tracks an extra one or two times to absorb their sound and meaning. Perhaps having read on Wikipedia that the duo is a married couple makes the music sound that much more sweet.

As for my favorite song, "One Eyed Cat" wins hands down, because I heard it so many times before. However, the song "Muse" definitely caught my attention while listening to the album today. It should be noted that the two songs are the most played off the album with 670,867 and 1,603,818 plays ("One Eyed Cat" and "Muse," respectively).

Overall Rating: 3.8/5
Favorite Song: "One Eye Cat"
Second Favorite Song: "Muse"

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